Nõunõu is a ceramics studio gallery. It's a space for showcasing the latest works by local Tartu ceramic artists united by our passion and respect for this ancient artform. Clay – a generous gift of the earth – is our means of exploring the inner realms and communicating with the world.

The varied styles of the Nõunõu artists range from Nordic simplicity and functionality to Japanese aesthetics. Here you can find ceramic objects from contemporary art to unique tableware. The most important aspect of our creative approach is the care and dedication we put into every stage of the process. This can be sensed when handling the pieces, allowing one to create a special relationship with each object.

Being both a studio and a gallery, the atmosphere at Nõunõu is always bursting with creative energy. It is our greatest joy to share this energy, beauty and inspiration with you to create something that can communicate even without words.